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Earn Money With PTC



The is free and worldwide available, there's no need to pay anything to start earning Money !

Neobux is the most popular Paid To Click(PTC) site where you can earn money by clicking ads online with no little effort .Neobux is the leader with over 3 500 000 members and more than $33 000 000 instant pay out paid through Paypal /AlertPay .


What is PTC ?

PTC stands for paid to click. For each click on a sponsor's ad you will be paid. so just you need to watch the thirty seconds`s advertisement and simply you will earn a penny or more usually.It`s the easy way to make money online and to get paid without skill and for sure it`s not a waste of time. All is clearifyed down page.

Note: With the number of paid to click (PTC) sites out there on the Internet, it's difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy site that will pay its members to view advertisements as well as stick around long enough for members to reap the benefits. NeoBux does just that and allows anyone with patience and persistence to earn money online simply for viewing advertisements.

Make your daily clicks (Takes 2 minutes, there are 4 ads, sometimes 5 for standard members) With the money accumulated after less than 3 weeks you can buy a first pack of 3 referrals available from Neobux .

What are Neobux referrals? 
A referral is someone who works for you. 
A referral receives what everyone receives when they views adverts: Money
But if a user views an advertisement and is your referral, you also earn money . Ultimately, a refferal is another member like us, every time they view an ads and earn money, we also earn from it .
There are currently two types of referrals and two methods of acquiring them: 

Direct Referrals: 

Users who register under you by putting your username as their referrer,you earn from them but they lose nothing . 
Rented referrals: 
You rent them for one calendar month to work for you (this is not slavery ... they earn money too ! )

Neobux Methods of payment : 
-All neobux payments are made  instantly ,you must have a AlertPay or PayPal email address and / or a correct NETELLER ID to get paid from Neobux ! (you will need an account ,almost with all other PTC sites ) 
-You can request your payment from niobux when you reach $2.00 .

More information About Neobux : 

-Neobux is a signed company with a name of NeoDev that offer a free worldwide service available in both English and Portuguese language. 
-Neobux is the most popular Paid To Click site (the best PTC site) where you get paid clicking ads , it only takes about 5 minutes per day, so even people who dont have too much time can use it (no skill and no effort is needed !) 
-Neobux Has been alive since 2008 and some members are already making more than 3000$ per month! People Have earned more than 50000$ in 2 years,Nice amount of money,huh? For doing nothing, just sitting at home and clicking ads ! (proof from neobux forum)

What makes Neobux strong ? 
Everyone clicks, referrals as sponsors to get money (No click no Gain ,every one must click every day to get paid ( you don't click ? simply you get nothing that day !) and that's why referrals are available by thousands and each one click to earn money ... we're all a refferal of someone :) 


If you dont have Alertpay/PayPal account (you need it in order to get paid from neobux
) please click on the banner bellow otherwise continue to step 2.

Step 1 : Register a AlertPay or PayPal account 
  Step 2: 

How do I register on Neobux? 

To register you need to click here Neobux then "Register" or simply click on the Banner. 
Neobux banner


Follow the Tutorial in this Video



Keep in mind that this PTC site is in no way a get rich quick method and should not be looked at as a sole method to make money online. If you want to try out this route, it's best to look at it as a side hobby something you can spend 5 minutes a day doing.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is absolutely no requirement to invest any money on your part. NeoBux does allow you to rent referrales as well as upgrade your account, but you can easily do this with your earnings. If you would prefer to invest money in order to speed things along, you are able to, but it is totally optional.

Now you can finaly earn money in Tunisia, India, Egypt, Pakistan ... and all over the world with Neobux !

Important :Thanks for accepting me as sponsor to thank me ! and from my part i will help you finding out many ptc strategies , guides , tips and others services !

A live support for all your questions ,problems ,advices ,tips, strategis, guides, PTC's scams, about trusted ptc sites, managing your neobux account ..also i will give you a list of the best's PTC sites that i use to earn extra money ... 
if you have any questions, Send Me a message


Now that you have your NeoBux account, you can start using it .
To do this you first have to login into your account.
Follow the Tutorial in this Video


Once you are signed up, you can begin to get paid to click on ads. Standard membership pays $0.01 per ad and provides you with anywhere from 4-6 ads per day. It's not much to start out with at all, which is why I recommend you consider it a hobby for now.



Step 3 :


How to start earning Money with Neobux ?

Once we have logged in into our account we can start making money with it.
Follow the Tutorial in this Video


Neobux Tos to avoid cheating

Some Terms of service you must know about Neobux

"As a registered user at NeoBux, you have confirmed you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. "

User Account : 

Neobux Tos 2. : 
-You can only have one account. Any attempt to create more than one account will lead to the termination of all of them. This also applies to your AlertPay / PayPal / NETELLER account which has to be unique and not shared with another user. 
-You can only view ads using one IP address within a 24 hours period. On the other hand, you can use multiple IP addresses to login. Any attempt to do otherwise may lead to the termination of your account. Logging in from proxies or shared network environments (such as, but not limited to schools, LAN houses, cybercafés, etc.) is not allowed. 
-Only one account per computer is allowed to view advertisements. If more than one account in a single computer view advertisements, all of those accounts will be permanently suspended. 
-You can only use a maximum of 3 distinct computers in a 10 days period to view ads. Any attempt to use more than that in that defined period will cause an account suspension. 


Looking For Neobux autoclicker ?...

Yes, Neobux allow any living creature to click for you. So, if you have a dog, you can start training it (we would love to see the video)! If you think that a program that automatically clicks is a living creature, then your mental state is somewhat strange. 

If you use that type of programs: 
You'll be treated as a hacker
You'll get banned. 
We can't be friends :(